Wednesday, January 18, 2017

How Our Live Mocks Help CFA Candidates

Breaks the anxiety before the actual exams. Somehow similar conditions to the 4th of June.

Participating in the mock exam was a wonderful experience. It was like seeing the wolf for the first time and then getting the chance to make the right adjustments to the strategies to kill it on D-Day. The mock exam was not just a preview but a complete, live experience of the real exam.

helped me realise that i am still lacking in preparation and to take the final exam even more seriously

The fact that we did the mock at an earlier stage was really helpful as we know our weaknesses.

Gain of confidence. Made me realize where my weakness and strength lie. Also, more importantly, I had the experience of taking a live mock exam and it was near-exam like conditions. Got the opportunity to get track of time and how I needed to adjust in the real one.

Made me feel more confident and motivated me in going through the syllabus well before the real exam.

I do think your mock in terms of the standard of difficulty etc was quite close to the actual exam. I had no problem with time.

It made me realise the topics where I need to work more and also how I should manage my time during a CFA exam.

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